​Make a customer's request to our product.

Make a customer's request to our product.


We aim for being a partner that comes true a customer's request.

We are the specialized manufacture of grinding wheels founded in 1936.

Most materials can't be manufactured in industries without grinding wheels.

Higher precision has been request in manufacturing, and a work have changed to a newer one that difficult

grinding is also required.

Our company has accumulated various know-hows to respond use's need.

For example, the manufacturing technology of "PoreTec" which focused on the wheel's pore, cases on the

most suitable specification, and grinding condetion.

We have released many kinds of good seller products thanks to sharing information with costomers.

For making a  customer's request to a product quickly, our production sites are being inproved day by day.

Oue sales persons have proposed suitable specifications of wheels and grinding test with customers based

on the accumulated case example so that we can produce wheels following a customer's request.

Our campany will build a partnership with a costomer and offer what we only can do.


                                                                                                                                  president  Daisuke  Kojiri

​Company Profile

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1936   Founded Teikoku Grinding Wheel Mfg.Ind. Kawajiri,Hiroshima,Japan to manufacture artificial grinding wheels.

1939   Established Korea Grinding Wheel Co.Ltd., an affiliated branch factory in Korea(Lost after the WWⅡ)

1953   Reorganized Teikoku Grinding Wheel Mfg.Ind.into a corporative organization, and authorized as a JIS certified

           factory of Vitrified Bonded Grinding Wheels.

1957   The head office moved to Tokyo.

1962   A new factory construction work started off in Kawajiri,Hiroshima. Authorized as a JIS certified factory of Resinoid

           Bonded Grinding Wheels.

1967   Plant/Equipment transferred to the new factory.

1972   Osaka office opened.

1986   Changed company name to TEIKEN Corporation.

1988   The new Tokyo head office completed.

1998   Performed an overall restructuring of the total systems of production control and sales management.An on-line

           real time systems introduced into each division.

2000   Fukuoka Branch office opened.

2003   ISO-9001 certification acquired.

2010   ISO-9001:2008 certification acquired.


TEIKEN Corporation 

Daisuke Kojiri

May 1936

36,700,000 Yen

2-17-13,Takanawa, Minato-KU,

Tokyo, Japan.

6-1-40, Nishi, Kawajiri-Cho,

Kure-shi, Hiroshima, Jaoan.

Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka.

​With a customer ...


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