Almighty wheel

To grind steel-based hardening materials, aluminum abrasive(for example WA,PA and SA etc.) is used.
Each abrasive has different property such as polycrystal,single crystal,hard and friable,SPW wheel provides high quality performance by making full use of each property.
SPW is useful for cost reduction because of not using ceramic abrasive and reduced dresser wear.

SPW wheels have many effects as the following.
●cost reduction for ceramic wheel user
●increasing the precision of grinding
●improving in quality of large size grinding wheel
●grinding hard chrome-plating material
●reduction of dresser wear
●all-in-one using


●high performance for profile and dressing
●reduced grinding burning
●good surface roughness
●wide application

User's comments​

■SPW wheel provides good cutting performance and extending dressing intervals.
  [wheel size:22 405*75*152.4 SPW 80 K 8 V 30, grinding method:cylindrical grinding, workpiece material:]

■SPW wheel provides reduction of abrasive grain loss and increasing the precision of grinding. In addition, dressing

  intervals extend by using RZ dresser.
  [wheel size:1A 355*38*127 SPW 46 H 8 V 30, grinding method:surface grinding, workpiece material: ]

■Thanks good cutting performance and few chip clogging, frequencies of dressing are reduced.
  [wheel size:1A 355*25*127 SPW 60 I 8 V 30, grinding method:cylindrical grinding, workpiece material:SUS304,

  workpiece size:φ100*300-400L]


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