​RZ series

​High Performance Wheel

RZ wheels provide high quality grinding depending on the polycrystalline complex structure of the abrasive.

Both good cutting performance and few abrasive grain loss are achieved because of the grit's micro fracuturing.

Cutting performance of RZ grows several times as much as conventional WA wheel. Additionally, the RZ wheel is easier to be formed than CBN wheel.

We offer RZ, RZW, RZi, RZSS, and RZdolce according to user's grinding condition.


●high quality grinding
●easy forming wheel
●low grinding resistance
●extending dressing interval

User's commnents​

■High accuracy grinding is achieved by RZ46H wheel to grind 0.18mm for 0.2mm stock removal. Additionally, RZ wheel

  continues good cutting performance though the wheel size is smaller.RZ dresser also provides extending dressing

 [wheel size:1A 305*38*127 RZ 46 H 9 V 30, grinding method:surface grinding, workpiece material:SKD11,HRC62]


■RZ wheel provides reduction of dressing frequency and grinding time thanks to continuance of good cutting

  performance. RZ dresser lasts longer than single-point dresser because of the stability and durability.
 [wheel size:7A 305*35*127 RZ 80 H 8 V 30, grinding method:cylindrical grinding, workpiece material:SKH51, workpiece



■Thanks to good cutting performance, dressing interval extends.
 [wheel size:1A 760*75*304.8 RZ 80 G 9 V 30, grinding method:cylindrical grinding, workpiece material:hard chrome

 plating material, workpiece size:φ310*1450L]



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