PT Wheel

Roots of TEIKEN porous wheel

PT wheel is great for soft and heat-labile materials such as rubber and plastic.

PT wheel has large spherical pores uniformly. The size and volume of pores are able to be controlled by our technology to control hardness of wheels.
Recently PT wheel is used to grind not only rubber but metal materials.


●Few chip clogging
●Controll of size and volume of pores for workpiece and grinding condition
●Few grinding burnings
●Good surface finish​

User's comments​

■reduction of grinding time thanks to decrease chip clogging and increase the stock removal
  [Wheel spec.:1A 405*45*203.2 GC 80 HH 23 V4PO, Grinding method:cylindlical grinding, Workpiece material:urethane


■3 kinds of grinding wheel(rough,medium and fine) are reduced 2 kinds of that(rough and fine) and grinding time is

  [wheel size:1A 610*75*304.8 GC 180 GG 34 V 4PO, grinding method: cylindrical grinding, workpiece material:paper roll

  and urethan(hardness:90°-95°]

■Good efficiency thanks to decrease chip clogging and get stable surface.
  [Wheel spec.:1A 760*100*304.8 GC 80 GG 23 V4PO, Grinding method:cylindlical grinding,Workpiece material:urethane

  rubber,synthetic rubber]

■Reduction of grinding time and good cutting performance thanks to decrease chip clogging
  [wheel size:1A 305*250*76.2 GC 80 HH 23 V 4PO, grinding method:cylindrical grinding,workpiece material:urethan and

  synthetic rubber]



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