PT Magnum

Super Porous Wheel

PT Magnum is super porous wheel developed from PT wheel is a longtime seller.

Maximum pore diameter is 6mm.
Moreover, combination of large and small pores increases poresity.

PT Magnum is very effect for heat-labile work, grinding occurs a lot of chips and grinding is easy to clogging such as rubber, urethane, and resin.

Using both PT and PT Magnum as the situation demands expects additional effect.


●Good cutting by large pores.
●Very good discharging of chips.
●Few chip clogging compared with conventional wheels.

User's comments

■Conventional grit size was #100.Problems of conventional wheel were scratches,feed marks and poor surface

  roughness.However,PT Magnum resolved all problems Moreover,grinding time was made short.Traditional wheel took

  10 hours to remove 1.2mm,but PT Magnum removes it in about 5 hours.
  [wheel size:1A 760x100x304.8 GC 46 DE 125 V4PO] [grinding method:cylindrical grinding] [workpiece material:

  urethane synthetic rubber roll(rubber hardness 90°]

■Workpiece is ATM roller.Conventional wheel is PT wheel and it provides good grinding.Meanwhile PT Magnum are

  tested.The difference is the following and PT Magnum provides better results.①Time until clogging occurs is long.If chip

  clogging occurred,PT Magnum can keep grinding with visually confirmation.②If chip clogging occurred,chips are

  removed by air blow.③If chips were not removed by air blow,they can be removed by wetting.
 [wheel size:1A 405x25x152.4 GC 120/150 FE 125 V4PO] [grinding method:cylindrical grinding] [workpiece:


■Conventional grinding time was 8 hours.However,PT Magnum makes short to 2 hours because it can increase depth of

  cut. [wheel size:1A 760x100x304.8 GC 46 DE 125 V4PO] [grinding method:cylindrical grinding] [workpiece:urethane

  rubber roll(rubber hardness 90°~96°)


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