​PGG series

Top Share Series

PGG series is able to be shaped less than 0.1mm thick.

alumina-abrasive and vitrified-bond wheel
Standard JW series : #80-#1200JW80~1200
High-performance RZ series : #80-#220

alumina-and-silicon-carbide-abrasive and
vitrified-bond wheel
HW series for difficult-to-cut materials : #80-#800

User can choose product to suit their condition such as dresser, grinding machine and grinding method.Furthermore we provide suitable wheels to meet user's grinding condition.


●highly easily-shaped
●decrease time of wheel shaping
●precision auto-dressing

User's comments​

■Because of JW wheel's stability, good cutting performance continues without getting holes.
  JW wheel provides high accuracy grinding and shapes corner easily.
  [wheel size:1A 180*6.4*31.75 JW 320 K 9 V 27, grinding method:surface grinding, workpiece material:vacuum

   hardening SKS3]

■HW400L provides reduction of grinding time because the amount of dressing is 50mu and shaping corner is easy.
  [wheel size:1A 180*6.4*31.75 HW 400 L 10 V 29, grinding method:surface grinding, workpiece material:SKH51,

   grinding condition:groove grinding, 0.6mm in width, 1mm in depth, 100L in length]



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