​HW series

What About "WA+GC" ??

To grind prehardende steel, generally, aluminum abrasives is used.Each abrasive has different property such as polycrystal,single crystal,hard and friable.
HW wheel provides high quality performance by making full use of each property.
HW is useful for cost reduction because of not using ceramic abrasive and reduced dresser wear.

HW is useful as the following,
●all-in-one using
●Cost-cutting for ceramic wheel user
●High dimension accuracy of work piece


●wide application
●good finish of grinding and dressing
●reduced grinding burnings

User's comments​

■Thanks to the efficiency of HW wheel, the wheel can be used for some kinds of material. HW wheel saves operators the trouble

  of exchanging wheels.
 [wheel size:1A 405*75*127 HW 60 J 8 V 29, grinding method:cylindrical grinding, workpiece material:SUS304 and SUS403]

■Abrasive grain loss of HWS wheel is only 0.5mm per 0.1mm stock removal, and the wheel provides good cutting performance,

  good surface roughness and reduces grinding time in half.
 [wheel size:1A 510*50*127 HWS 60 H 9 V 29, grinding method:surface grinding, workpiece material:CEAN1(HRC38),HPM

  77(HRC32) and PSL(HRC38)]

■HWR resolved chattering on surface and provides consistent surface.Thanks to them, grinding time is able to be predicted

 [wheel size:1A 710*150*304.8 HWR 60 I 9 V 29, grinding method:surface grinding, workpiece material:FCD250(hardening and

  non-hardening, HRC50]




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