​BPD Wheel

​Heat Resistance wheel

BPD wheels have less incidence of burn is bonded by high thermal conductive resin.

This wheel is best for the grinding is accompanied by heat generation (dry grinding or heavy grinding) and retention of wheel shape.


●dry grinding/wet grinding
●Increase depth of cut
●High cooling performance
●Long tool life

User's comments

■BPD wheels have less incidence of burn and tool life is improved.
  [wheel spec:14A1 180x8x31.75 1.5ux3χxBT1° TBN 170 N 100 BPD] [profile grinding] [materials :High speed steel, dies


■BPD wheel has better grinding performance than resinoid wheels and deliver equal performance of metal bonded

  wheels. In using a metal bonded wheel, we need wet grinding. However BPD wheel can be used for dry grinding.
  [wheel spec:3A1 75x5x22.23 1ux5χ TDC 325 N 100 BPD] [profile grinding] [material :tungsten carbide]


■The wheel in the past, depth of cut is 20-micrometer. BPD wheel can increase depth of cut to 40-micrometer.
  [wheel spec:3A1 80x5x24 1ux3χ TDC 140 O 100 BPD] [profile grinding] [material :tungsten carbide]

■BPD wheel is wear well. This wheel is suitable for making steps.
  [wheel spec:14A1 150x8x31.75 1.5ux3χ TDC 200 N 100 BPD][profile grinding] [material :tungsten carbide]


■The wheel in the past often need to dress from changing that shape. However, BPD wheel is resistant changing shape.

  For this reason, machining time decreases 30%.
  [wheel spec:14A1 180x10x31.75 3ux3χ TBN 200 N 100 BPD][profile grinding][material:dies steel HRc62]


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