​Privacy Policy

Basic attitude

We collect the information about visitors of our site within the scope necessary to ensure smooth operation.
We handle the collected information appropriately within the scope of utilization purpose.


Collection and utilization of personal information

We collect the visitors' information through the service of our site.
(we collect internet domain name and IP address automatically , but you are not identified by these information)
We specify utilization purpose on our site when we collect personal information of site visitors.
And we use these information within the scope of the purpose.


Control of provision of personal information

We don't provide collected informations without the following cases.
* when we are required by law
* when we get approval from customers


Management of personal information

We manage collected informations from site visitors properly and carefully.
Moreover, we take necessary measures for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage and for the proper management of the collected informations.



The informations of our site are copyrighted work and compilation.
So these informations are protected by Copyright Act and international regulations.
Unauthorized change to our website is banned by Copyright Act and Act on the Prohibition of Unauthorized Computer Access.

Regarding damages when plug-in is downloaded, we don't accept any responsibility.
Moreover, we don't bear any cost for recovery.



We make a full effort to keep the accuracy and recency of this site's informations.
However, it doesn't necessarily mean that we assure them.
Even if users are damaged by using this site, we don't have any responsibility about this damage.
Also we don't have any duty to make restitution.
Moreover, even if users damage third person by using this site, we don't have any responsibility.



This privacy policy applies to only this site (http://www.teiken-corporation.com)



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