Dolce series

New High Porous Wheel

We pursue grits and high-strength bond for a long time to improve grinding performance.

Dolce series is combined new softer bond with optimal size and amount of pores.

Porosity is equal to porous wheel "PTⅡ" for soft material.
Grinding sound is light and soft. It is effective for high-strength material,thin plate and low stiffness material.

Dolce enables to select finer grits than before because of low heat generation.Therefore,dolce is suitable for high precision grinding.

Grits are 3types.

"RZ type" is made of high performance ceramic grits.
"SPW type" is suitable from plain steel to hardening steel.
"HW type" enables to mix WA and GC.

You can choose the best from above.

User's comments​

■Workpiece is hard chrome plating. Conventional wheel caused loading and grinding sound cecame loudly with grinding

   0.03mm. So, this wheel often needed dressing. However, Dolce can grind 0.1mm with no problem. Dolce is less-

   wearing andmakes grinding time short.
   [wheel size:1A 510x75x177.8 RZW 60 F 10 V29d] [grinding method:surface grinding:wet][wheel speed:1842m/min] 

   [cutting depth:5μm] [stock removal:0.3㎜] [workpiece:hard chrome plating 600x400]

■This operation was difficult because of burning and scratches conventionally. However dolce causes few loading and

  burning.Therefore, this good grinding performance makes this operation easy. Moreover, dolce can grind SUS304 as

  well as plating.
  [wheel size:1A 760x75x304.8 RZW 80 E 60 10 V29d] [grinding method:surface grinding:wet][wheel speed


   [cutting depth:10μm] [stock removal:0.2mm] [workpiece:hard chrome plating, SUS304, hastelloy][workpiece speed :


■Ceramic wheel was used in the past. This wheel speed is 1319m/min, table feeding speed is 40m/s, cutting depth is

  3μm. However, dolce provides good performance and fine roughness even if grinding condition becomes hard.

  Therefore, dolcemakes grinding time short.
  [wheel size:7N 700x130x305 HWR 60 H 12 V29d] [grinding method:surface grinding:wet][wheel speed:1778m/min]

  [table feeding speed :40m/s] [cutting depth:5μm] [workpiece:cast iron 1200x900]

■The over wheel had been used for plating, but workpiece was changed to thermal spray ,aterial from plating. So, this

  conventional wheel often caused loading and this grinding performance became worse. However, dolce causes few

  loading and provides fine surface.
  [wheel size:1A 510x38x127 HWP 60 I 12 V29d] [grinding method:cylindrical grinding:wet] [wheel speed:800m/min]

  [cuttingdepth:5μm] [stock removal:0.4mm] [surface roughness:less than 2S][workpiece:SUS304 Φ300x1000L]

■Conventional wheel often caused chattering. So, this wheel needed dressing many times and an operator could not

  leavegrinfing machine. However, dolce can grind to last finish grinding and causes no chattering with only first

  dressing. Moreover,the operator can leave grinding machine and can do other work. This is a great merit.
 [wheel size:1A 915x100x304.8 RZW 100 F 10 V29d] [grinding method:cylindrical grinding:wet][cutting depth:8μm]

  [surfaceroughness:Ra0.8] [workpiece:hastelloy C-276] [workpiece speed:28.6m/min]



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