​Vitrified Diamond/CBN Wheel

Super abrasive

Vitrified bond which is retentive and chemically stable is suitable for grinding hard-to-grind materials and high efficiency and precision grinding.

It is difficult to manufacture vitrified wheels, but we can manufacture vitrified wheels with a variety of characters through long time study.



●We adopt ceramics body has good accuracy, rigidity and cooling performance.
●Unique pore ability by Pore Tec
●Dry grinding is O.K.
●good grinding and grinding accuracy
●no worry of detachment
●little dimension change by grinding heat
●Side-dressing is O.K.
●good cooling effect
●Wheel weight is light.

User's comments​

■Grinding sintered diamond is good. And grinding CBN tip is good.
  [wheel:6A2 125x25x31.75 10Wx2χ TDC 800 Q 125 V1] [grinding:tool grinding] [material:sintered diamond]

■Compared with other manufacturers, Teiken vitrified diamond wheel provides stable fine roughness and the reduction

  of the number of dressing.
  [wheel:14A1 400x50x203.2 18ux5χ TD 140 N 75 100 V6] [grinding:surface grinding] [material:SiC ceramics]


■For rough groove grinding of drill, compared with other manufacturers, Teiken vitrified diamond wheel provides good

  grinding, less loading and less shape change.
  [wheel:1A1 100x20x31.75 x3χ TD 140 N 100 V6] [grinding:tool grinding] [material:cemented carbide]


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