Synergy wheel​

Knows everything & change everything by the grinding sound

Synergy wheel is resinoid type wheels(dia/cBN) has a ceramics core.

This wheel has high grinding performance than the resinoid type and vitrified type has a metal core.
This wheel decreases dimension error from temperature change and reduce grinding noise.


●high dimensional accuracy
●reduce grinding noise
●good finish surface roughness
●decrease dimension error from temperature change.​

User's comments​

■Synergy wheel has high grinding performance than the vitrified wheel and that tool life is improved.
  [wheel spec:1A1 300x25x127 3χ TBN 140 L 75 BS2K3] [surface grinding] [material:dies steel HRc60]

■Synergy wheel reduce warpage of thin materials than the resinoid type wheel.
  [wheel spec:14A1 300x32x127 x25ux3χxBT3°TBN 140 M 75 BS2K3][surface grinding] [material:dies steel, DC53 HRc58]

■The resinoid type wheel has metal body is difficult to machine workpiece with aiming dimension. But Synergy wheel is easy.
  [wheel spec::3A1 250x25x76.2 x10ux3χxBT2° TDC 400 N 100 BS2K2] [cylindrical grinding] [material: tungsten carbide]

■Reduce machining time by almost 50% of the after-process by changing Synergy wheel from the resinoid type wheel.
  [wheel spec:14A1 180x10x31.75 5ux3χxBT3° TDC 270 L 75 BS2K2] [surface grinding] [material: tungsten carbide]

■Synergy wheel has high grinding performance than the wheel in the past.
  [wheel spec:1A1 180x10x31.75 3χ TD 1500 D 75 BS6K6] [surface grinding] [material: tungsten carbide]



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