​Luminous Checker 

Highly sensitive contact detection system

Luminous Checker is the highly sensitive contact detection system.

This product detects a slight contact of a grinding wheel with a work material.

Anyone can do a slight contact check easily even if it is difficult to do a visual or hearing check.

We can find the contact condition quickly because a indication light turns into 3 colors depends on the level of a contact.

In addition to it, it is possible to output a signal to PLC.



●This product can be used in a precision grinding such as a mirror surface grinding because it is possible to detect at least 0.1um contact.

●We can check the grinding condition by a indication light.

●We can find the vibration of a grinding wheel.



User's comments

■If we fail to contact in precise grinding a surface and a thin board, we should damage a grinding wheel or a work

  material.That's why we grind carefully spending a lot of time. However, we aren't worry about it in using Luminous Checker.

■There is a problem not to detect a contact in grinding with a lot of grinding oils, but we can solve it by using Luminous


■It becomes easy to train new staffs visually about a contact of a grinding wheel with a work material.

■It has broad utility because it can be used in not only a grinding machine but also a machining centers.

■We can do a precise grinding in noisy places because we don't need to care about noise in detecting.

■It becomes easy to detect a contact for elderly people, deaf people, people have bad eyesight.

■In dressing, we can check a contact of a grinding wheel and a dresser precisely.



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