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TEIKEN Corporation Hiroshima office
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Fax  0823-87-3337
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Interview sheet for selection

grinding wheel spec you use presently
manufacture name, wheel size, grit size, hardness grade, structure and etc.

example) X company, 1A, 180x13x31.75, PA 60 J 7 V

example) poor dimension accuracy, poor grinding ability

Grinding condition

work materials

example) SKD11, SKH, DC53

work size

example) 50×50×T20

work hardness

example) HRc 58

Grinding method

example) surface, cylindrical, internal

removal stock


removal of 1 pass

example) 1/100、5/1000

wet grinding or dry grinding

example) wet grinding

wheel speed or machine rpm

example) 33m/sec, 2000m/min or rpm



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