​BK Wheel

Resin wheel with pore

TEIKEN have tried solving the problems about grinding to improve abrasive, bond, filler and structure.
But businesses such as requirements, accurasy, efficiency, grinding performance and cost reduction from users, are challenged.
We would like to consider trying our new wheel with pores that we developed.


●low grinding resistance depending on pores
●long dressing interval
●good grinding sound
●good efficiency to difficult-to-cut materials and wide application for many grinding
●continuance of good cutting performance
●good discharging chips and grinding heat

●structure with pores
(limitting the increase in grinding resistance, discharging chips and grinding heat and continuance of good cutting performance)
●abrasive and bond
(limitting grinding heat, balance between cutting performance and surface finish, various combination for many requirements and grinding condition)

User's comments​

■BK wheel provides few grinding burnings and reduction of grinding time to a quarter without breaking.
  [wheel size:6A2 150*40*40 15W*5*10E TDC 120 L 75 B2K5, grinding method:tool grinding, workpiece material:cermet]

■Thanks to pores, BK wheel does not bring on grinding burnings.
  [wheel size:1A1 180*10*31.75*3*BY1°TD 1500 D 75 B6K6, grinding method:surface grinding, workpiece material:hard 



■Thanks to pores, BK wheel provides few chips clogging, good cutting performance in high-speed grinding and relatively

   high grinding ratio depending on few abrasive grain loss.
  [wheel size:1A1 180*13*31.75*3*BT3°TBN 170 L 75 B6K2, grinding method:surface grinding, workpiece material:SKD-




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